Swift SM105-C

In this fast- paced changing classroom environment, we understand you need more than products you need solid STEM solutions! Designed to build your STEM classroom! Bring the macro world to another level with your students. Ideal for high school, advanced studies and applied sciences. Introducing a new look to the Swift Stereo Line! The SM105-C features zoom magnifications of 10X to 30X. The SM105-C includes energy-efficient variable LED illumination with 5 light setting combinations, "one-touch" spring loaded stage clips and right eyepiece diopter focusing adjustment. Ideal for high school classrooms and up. This new series of stereo microscopes is designed to fit your budget, too!


  • 10X to 30X Zoom 



  • Paired widefield eyepieces are 45° inclined, with diopter adjustment. Interpupillary adjustment
  • from 55mm to 75mm.
  • Interlocked eyepiece tubes with diopter for increased focus acuity.
  • Viewing head rotates 360°, locks in place by tightening thumb screw.
  • 1X-3X zoom range Paired objectives are parfocalled, parcentered, and achromatic.
  • Magnification changed by rotating magnification dial.



  • Energy-efficient LEDs provide bright, white with virtually no heat.
  • Variable turret (6 LED) and top illumination.
  • Two illumination switches allow for 5 light settings, turret, top, bottom, simultaneous turret and bottom or simultaneous top and bottom.
  • LED lights rated up to 10,000 hours of life.
  • Batteries allow up to 500 recharges, for a total of 20,000 to 25,000 hours use from a single set of 3 AA rechargeable nickel hydride batteries. Battery charger included with microscope, automatically shuts off when batteries are fully charged, no danger of overcharging batteries and shortening battery life. No expensive recharger station needed/ Plug directly into wall outlet, or use ordinary, inexpensive power strip for recharging multiple microscopes. Indicator light changes from red to green when fully charged.



  • Rack and pinion focusing with slip clutch and tension adjustment.
  • "Slip-clutch" system protects against over-focusing.



  • 80mm reversible black/white plastic contrast plate and 80mm frosted glass stage plate.
  • Blue filter for transmitted light.
  • Locked-on stage clips.



  • Rugged, cast metal frame, gray enamel finish.
  • Cord hangers.



  • Lifetime limited warranty
More Information
MSRP 593.00
Head Type Binocular
STEM Approved Yes
Illumination LED
Power Cordless - Rechargeable
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Swift SM105-C