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WP 100DPLUS Spectrophotometer

WP 100DPLUS Spectrophotometer

This simple, practical laboratory instrument is precisely designed and ruggedly built. This spectrophotometer is easy to use and is ideal for student use in high schools, colleges, and in general laboratory settings. The Model WP-100Dplus is suitable for general analysis and experiments and features a large screen graphic LCD that gives you clear, quick, and accurate readings in Absorbance and Transmittance. The sample compartment is designed to accept both round optical glass, or square 10mm path length cuvettes. This classic spectrophotometer contains built-in secondary optical filters that reduce stray light and increase precision, giving more reliable results with basic training. The WP-100Dplus offers a USB port for data transfer and to interface with a windows-based computer. An optional software package is available that allows users to perform a wider range of analyses and documentation.

MSRP: $1,035.00


Wavelength Range 400~1000nm

Bandwidth 15nm

Optical System Single Beam,

Grating System 1200 lines/mm

Wavelength Accuracy ± 2nm

Wavelength Repeatability ± 1nm

Display Graphic LCD; Absorbance &


Stray Energy < 1% @ 400nm

Photometric Range 0 - 125% Transmittance

-0.3-2.0 Absorbance

Photometric Accuracy ± 2% T

Accessary Output USB for PC link & RS232

Light Source Tungsten Halogen Lamp 6V/10W

Power Requirements 90-240Vac,50-60Hz,50VA

Instrument Dimensions 18”W x 11D” x 6.5”H


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